Attention given to ‘celebrity’ sunflower in Worthing

Jim Deen with his 13 ft sunflower
Jim Deen with his 13 ft sunflower

A GIANT sunflower belonging to a couple in Worthing has grabbed the attention of their neighbours.

Jim and Gina Deen, 67 and 65, of Harrow Road, have seen their sunflower rocket up to around 13 ft in height since it was planted at the end of March this year.

Jim said: “It’s been one of those years where everyone has been doing quite well in the garden.

“Everyone can see it at the back and to either side of our house. It’s a bit of a celebrity plant.”

Jim said they used to have five acres of land when they were in Ireland but now only have a very small garden. He said: “It’s crammed with plants. Maybe that’s why it’s growing so high upwards.

“It has grown and grown and grown. It’s flower is about the size of a dinner plate. It’s all been a bit of fun.”

He said he would give the seeds to family and friends and could possibly end up with the tallest batch of sunflowers in West Sussex

He added: “We water it everyday and it’s had all the care and attention it can possibly get.”