Birdman champion smashes world record yet again

EMOTIONAL Geordie ‘birdman’, Ron Freeman, was lost for words after setting another personal best at Sunday’s Birdman event and breaking, what he believes to be, the Birdman world record.

Fifty-seven year-old, Ron, admitted being full of nerves after he watched the 106 metre record he set on Saturday be well -beaten by, Tony Hughes, who flew 132.5 metres, in line with the pier, in a 14 second flight.

Ron Freeman after his record-breaking flight on Sunday

Ron Freeman after his record-breaking flight on Sunday

Ron decided to mimic Tony’s tactics and the decision paid off as he glided a huge 141.5 metres, in line with the pier, over 17.16 seconds.

He said: “I can’t believe it. I mean what’s going on? I just can’t believe it. I would have been happy with one 100m flight before I died. I just wanted to get off and feel what Tony just felt. I thought I’d done 150 to be honest, I’m speechless.”

The record-breaking flight took him so close to the beach that the safety team were able to pull Ron’s glider ashore, when every other competitor was aided by a boat.

Ron said he did not sleep well on Saturday night as when he closed his eyes he kept seeing the bright yellow 106 from the big screen.

Wife, Jacqui, said she felt very emotional and was so pleased for him because she knew how much he wanted to do it.

Although he surpassed 100 metres with ease, he did not claim the £10,000 prize money on offer because he did not travel in a straight line out to sea. However, speaking after his flight yesterday he said this did not matter to him.

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