Giant ‘Lillian’ is better than ever

Ricky Horgan with 'beautiful' Lillian W32561H13
Ricky Horgan with 'beautiful' Lillian W32561H13

A GREEN-FINGERED man from Worthing claims to have grown the tallest lily flower in England, in his back garden.

Ricky Horgan, 58, of Poulter’s Lane, has named the giant flower, which is more than 10 feet in height, Lillian.

He said: “She is a beauty. In July she fully exposed herself to me, her fragrance and blossom.

She’s given me more pleasure than anything I can think of. I have never had one this big, they can grow four to six ft maybe but she’s over 10 ft now.

“I don’t mean to boast but I think she is the biggest in Worthing and maybe England.”

For the full story see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, August 15.