Scaffolding gets a woolly make-over

W42733H13  Jody Long knitting neon yarn outside his shop
W42733H13 Jody Long knitting neon yarn outside his shop

THE owner of a Worthing wool shop decorated the scaffolding outside his business in bright neon yarn last week.

Jody Long, managing director of Yarn-Tastic in Rowlands Road, said: “Lots of people have just said wow, that is amazing. It’s brightened up Rowlands Road and people have even stopped their cars to take pictures.”

He said that the idea came to him as he had lots of neon yarn and thought it would be perfect for brightening up the scaffolding outside his property.

“Me and 15 people from my Knit ‘n’ Natter group did it on Tuesday night. It took just two hours from start to finish. It was up by nine am the next morning.” Said Jody.

Martin Bryant, a director of global scaffolding, said: “I thought maybe he was trying to pull the wool over my eyes and I thought he was trying to spin me the yarn.

“It’s fantastic, it’s brilliant. I thought he did a really good job. I have got no problem at all with it.

“People enjoy it and it brightens up the scaffolding.”

Jody said Martin and his team had been fantastic and might even keep the wool on the scaffolding.

Jody is currently preparing for National Wool week runs from October 14-20.

He said: “We have got lots going on including 20 per cent off all week.”