Oh we do like to learn beside the seaside

A trip to the beach is usually a holiday treat '“ but for pupils from Lyndhurst Infant School it is part of their learning.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 7:25 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:08 am
Jack Reed, five, and Kylen Penny, four, inspect some seaweed

Reception pupils from the school in Lyndhurst Road went to Worthing beach on Tuesday to explore the shoreline, play educational games and discover wildlife.

This is part of the school’s beach school programme, which offers hands-on outdoor learning to all pupils.

Diana Bearham, the beach school practitioner, said that the programme has a positive effect on their behaviour and confidence.

Pupils from Lyndhurst Infant school discover a shark on Worthing beach

“It teaches the children self-discipline, problem-solving and social skills. We set boundaries that the children stay within, but they have the freedom in that time to use it how they want.

“They have no fear because they can’t get anything wrong – it’s all about how they perceive their surroundings.”

Diana said the learning is cross-curricular, covering history, art, literacy and maths.

“We’ve used the beach to learn about the Worthing smugglers, we’ve written poetry, done sketches for art, and the children count what they collect out here.

“It’s great fun. They even invent their own games, like building hotels for the sea creatures they find. They use their understanding of nature and they will talk you through what they’ve included for the creature.”

Over the years Diana and the children have seen lots of wildlife – including goose barnacles and snakelocks anemones.

“They look like something out of an alien movie! They don’t get washed up very often so when the children see them they’re amazed by them.”