‘One-minute’ ticket labelled a ‘scandal’ by angry residents

Sally Carvey with Jill Jones
Sally Carvey with Jill Jones

TRAFFIC wardens have incensed the neighbour of a pensioner, in Brunswick Road, Worthing, after they gave the elderly resident a parking fine for taking one minute to unload shopping from her car.

Jill Jones briefly parked outside her home so that she would not have to struggle carrying heavy bags to her house. The ticket she received indicated she had been away from her car for one minute and it was not the first time traffic wardens had attempted to book her.

On another occasion she left her car doors open and hazard lights on to make it clear to passing wardens what she was doing. As two wardens prepared to process a ticket Jill’s neighbour, Sally Carvey, shouted to warn her and it was not given.

Sally, 49, of Brunswick Road, said: “It seems scandalous that an elderly resident is being targeted like this.

It’s money out of her pension, a large part of it per fine.

“She is frail and worried about falling over, She is unable to carry her shopping to her house if she parks around the corner. This is totally outrageous conduct, she is being hounded.”

“Does Worthing realise this is how we are treating our elderly people?”

Jill added: “They haven’t been sensible. It’s obvious what I was doing. I always make sure I leave room for vehicles to get through.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, August 29.