One week to go until your new-look paper – and win free cash

ONE week to go – and the Shoreham Herald, Worthing Herald and Littlehampton Gazette will undergo a revolution.

The owner of the papers, Johnston Press, has commissioned the leading newspaper designers in Europe, Cases i Associats from Barcelona, to come up with a fresh, exciting design.

And we are complementing that design with a whole host of new features.

Don’t worry – all the old favourites that make the Herald and Gazette some of the most popular and best-read weekly newspapers in the country will remain.

But we will have extra pages to bring in new features, new columns, and even more local news.

We hope you’ll be delighted with the new-look newspaper. But we don’t just want you to read it – we want you to take part, too.

Among the new features are:

- Snap Happy: a page full of your feel-good pictures, from birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, presentations... anything that makes you smile.

- Animal Magic: a page dedicated to you and your pets, with a column from a local vet.

- It’s Your Shout: a page where YOU can have your say on any topic that makes your blood boil.

- Behind the Headlines: an in-depth look at a subject that’s making the news.

- Nostalgia: four pages dedicated to a stroll down memory lane.

We want you to contribute to our pages and to tell us what we should be covering; for you to send us your stories and pictures; and to reflect on the past and share your memories with our thousands of readers.

Get in touch by emailing us at or or write to us at The Herald, Cannon House, Chatsworth Road, Worthing, BN11 1NA, or The Gazette, 34 Beach Road, Littlehampton, BN17 1NA.

We think you will enjoy the new-look paper – but get in touch and let us know what you think, and what we can do better.

The rising cost of producing the Herald has, unfortunately, meant we have to increase the price from next week to 70p.

Editor in chief Colin Channon said: “We have delayed putting up the price for as long as we can, but at least we can add extra value to the Herald. When I told someone locally we had to put the price up, he shrugged and said 70p these days gets you half a cup of coffee, or a chocolate bar, or a can of fizzy drink – and that the Herald was better than any of them!”

We will be offering a subscription to buy the paper for a year at today’s price, though, to offset the increase. Details will appear next week.

To celebrate the new-look paper, we will be giving away money next week. Yes, really!

We’ll have a team at the bandstand in Worthing and at Waitrose in Littlehampton next Thursday giving away 500 envelopes, each containing either a crisp £5 note, a National Lottery ticket, a voucher for a happy advert in the Herald worth up to £40, a subscription to buy the Herald which offers four months of the paper free – and everyone will receive a sample packet of Dr Karg’s Emmental Cheese and Pumpkin Seed wholegrain crispbread.

Our team will be there from 11am and will stay until they have given away all the envelopes.

So come along, grab a new-look paper – and get something for nothing. See you there!