Brian Fullick will be sadly missed at Broadwater Carnival

If it's the third Saturday in July, it must be the Broadwater Carnival, complemented by the ever-popular Worthing Fire Station open day.

Thursday, 19th July 2018, 6:00 am
Broadwater Carnival and Worthing Fire Station open day are on Saturday. Photo by Derek Martin

With the forecasters predicting a continuation of the beautiful weather we’ve been enjoying for the whole of the weekend, brilliant sunshine will be a fitting reward for the hours of painstaking hard work by the carnival committee.

That blight on the nation, ‘health and safety’, along with high insurance costs, effectively put paid to the traditional carnival procession a few years ago. But rather than just give up, the committee sat down, adapted to the constraints and revamped the whole event. And many will say its gets better every year.

The 2018 event will have a record number of stalls on Broadwater Green, with provisional numbers exceeding 160.

Ian Hart

This year there is, however, a sad part to the whole proceedings. Unfortunately, one person who won’t be in attendance this year is Broadwater’s unsung hero, Brian Fullick, who sadly passed away last week after a long, brave fight with cancer. Brian, founding father and long-time chairman of the Broadwater Community Association (BCA), which is based at the Broadwater Parish Rooms, has been part of the fabric of carnival day from its inception.

Next week, on Thursday, the BCA, Broadwater Cricket Club and Worthing Borough Council will meet up to hopefully formulate a partnership moving forward to see the building of a two-storey community centre/cricket pavilion on the site of the existing structure. In 2021 Broadwater Cricket Club will have been playing on the green for 250 years – how fitting it would be if carnival day 2021 also marked the opening of the new building?

Equally fitting, in my opinion would, be the official name of the building. After almost of quarter of a century of tireless fundraising towards such a facility there can only be one name, The Brian Fullick Centre: a fitting tribute to one of life’s all round good eggs and someone who will be much missed but ultimately never forgotten.



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