Broadwater Carnival and Worthing Fire Station open day great for the community

So the sun shone and Broadwater ended up having perhaps its best-ever carnival weekend. And, as I said last week, it was no more than the hard-working committee deserved.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 12:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 12:44 pm
Photo by Derek Martin Photography

Walking around the Green on Saturday, it was everything the organisers could have wanted – an almost constant large crowd throughout the day.

At one point on Saturday afternoon, the crowds were so big at the Cricketers beer festival that punters had difficulty getting into the pub itself. Granted, landlord Alan Walker had put on Dean Ager, perhaps one of the best solo vocalists on the circuit, in the pub garden on Saturday, and along with the sunshine and the beer festival, it was always going to be a big pull.

Ian Hart

It was much of the same on Sunday when Alan closed his annual three-day event with a superb live, open-air performance by Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes.

Worthing is very lucky at the moment to have a plethora of quality live acts, but Murdoch’s are currently a cut above everyone else. Their set on Sunday was the best I’ve ever seen them perform.

On the subject of music, on Saturday night More Radio hosted its annual Garden Party in Steyne Gardens, with an estimated 6,000-plus crowd.

A long-standing event, this is now one of the most looked-forward-to dates in the town’s calendar. It is clearly popular, so is now the time to either move to a larger venue, or perhaps use the stage in the preceding days for events from different music genres?

You could start on the Tuesday night with an end-of-term, Worthing-wide schools concert, a classical night on the next night, on Thursday perhaps Worthing Musical Comedy Society putting something from the musicals, with Friday a mod-themed event. A The Who tribute act in the Steyne world pack them in.

With the Worthing Town Centre Initiative looking to move forward, it’s certainly something worthy of discussion and would give the town centre a huge shot in the arm.



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