CHIPPER: I had a really good time with ponies in the New Forest

WHAT a brilliant weekend I had, Chipsters! Mummy and Daddy and I went to the New Forest in Hampshire.

Have you been? It’s a really pretty part of the world and it’s not that far away, just a couple of hours in the car.

I say it’s not far away, it felt like ages because I was so excited to get there!

We stayed in a lovely cottage for two nights – and the garden was big enough to play frisbee, which I’m amazing at!

But the best thing about the New Forest is the ponies, which are just walking around – even in the streets!

I took this picture when we were out on a walk, but there was loads more ponies.

I was very careful around them because I didn’t want them to think I was going to chase them. And I was careful not to get too close to their hind legs – horses can kick very hard, Chipsters, so you have to be careful.

I wish I’d taken my jockey fancy dress outfit, but they’re definitely not the sort of horses you can ride.

It was a brilliant short holiday, though, Chipsters, and I can’t wait to go back.

Have you seen anything interesting on your holidays? If you have, why don’t you tell me all about it or draw me a picture?

Chip chip for now!