CHIPPER: Trip to the beach and a barbecue!

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This week I went to the beach with all my friends, Rebecca the rabbit, Victoria the cat and Jessie the hedgehog!

We played in the sand and I built sandcastles taller than I am! Then we swam in the sea, it was really fun.

People on the beach were surfing and paddling and enjoying the sun!

It’s great fun and good exercise. Do you like swimming? Then we all got dried off and went home for a barbecue. We had lots of food!

Sausages, burgers, chicken, and lots of nice salad, too!

Mum and dad say it’s important to eat good food after a big day like the one I’ve had!

I went to have a look at how the barbecue worked and mum told me I must be careful because it’s really hot! I’ll leave that to the adults.

My puppy friends from school, Louie and Archie, joined us to help us eat up all the food! We played games like hide and seek in the garden.

There are so many great things to do when it’s sunny!

We’ve finished school now for the summer break so we have even more time to do fun things like playing, swimming and running around.

It’s fun to have a break from school, but I do miss seeing all my friends every day!

What adventures are you having this summer holiday?

Why not write and tell me about your summer holidays or send me a drawing or photograph showing you and your family having fun.