CHRISTIAN COMMENT: What would Jesus do in Worthing?

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There’s a little slogan you often see on christians’ wristbands – WWJD, meaning ‘What would Jesus do?’

Well I have a few questions to get your juices flowing – what would Jesus do in Worthing?

Would he be pro-cycle-lane-along-the-sea-front or would he shout at people when they frighten old ladies as they weave in and out of the crowds?

How would he treat Worthing’s plentiful traffic wardens?

What would he have done with three children over yet another rainy half term with limited finance and massive queues at the new swimming pool?

Would he be a NERO or a Costa kind of guy?

Inside or outside at the Sea Lane Café?

Dome cinema or Connaught?

Would he hang out with the skaters at Homefield Park?

The flower sellers in Montague Place?

What would Jesus want us to do with Teville Gate, the empty shops…?

Would he go in for Bingo or campaign against it?

Would he tolerate seagulls stealing his food or would they instinctively know to keep their beaks out?

It’s weird to think of him wandering around Worthing, but that’s what he would have done, just looking like an ordinary bloke but being completely extraordinary at the same time.

The cool thing about being an ordinary bloke and also God at the same time is that he would relate to everyone – my son at the skate park as much as me in the haberdashery section in Fabric Fayre as much as the guy in A&E who’s off his head on something or other.

All at the same time.

I reckon he would love Worthing, and not just when there’s a bank holiday and the sun’s out.

He’d like it all year round, drizzle and all, regardless of the parking costs.

Why? Because there’s people here and people are his main thing.

In fact I wouldn’t mind betting that Worthing people are probably his favourites!

Why not give one of them some special treatment today?

By Pam Nichols