Claire Bradford: Time for a spring clean

Now that the sun is beginning to make more of a regular appearance in our days, thoughts of renewal, fresh starts and new ideas come with it.

I find myself trying out new productivity systems around this time of year, for example, and often the seed of an idea for a new project or service will start germinating in my mind.

Mostly, though, the beams of sunlight illuminating my home and workspace that much more brightly make me want to clear the decks and have a spring clean.

This spring clean doesn’t just have to mean decluttering the desk and wiping the fingermarks off the computer screen (although it will probably start there!).

I also see it as a great opportunity to clear out old paperwork, bring unproductive projects to a close and take a look at the clutter on my computer, too.

Spending a few hours Spring cleaning your business can prepare the ground for the rest of your year’s plans to bloom.

So, whether the sunshine has inspired you to do a five-minute clear-out or a whole-day overhaul, here are ideas you could try...

• Get your inbox to zero and create a system that makes it easy to keep it that way on a daily basis.

• Clean all the windows in your workspace inside and out. Whilst you’re there, open them up and let some air in.

• Do a “time audit” on yourself. Are the things you spend the most time on the most productive?

• Go through your database and remove any “dead wood”.

• Shred and recycle old paperwork (first, though, do check that you don’t have an obligation to keep it for a certain amount of time).

• Tidy and sort your desktop – both the one in your office and the one on your computer.

• Take down all your pictures, memos, post-it notes, etc., that you have pinned around your desk. Review them, and only put back what you need to.

• Go through the documents on your computer. Archive old files and make the remaining ones easily accessible.

• Put a vase of spring flowers on your desk.

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