Claire Bradford: Who knows where one small step could lead?

THIS week is the tenth Global Entrepreneurship Week – an event held annually to encourage entrepreneurship to benefit the world economy and community.

According to GEW’s website, more than half of the UK population would like to start their own business, yet fewer than five per cent actually do. To encourage more start-ups, there are more than 35,000 events held in 125 different countries worldwide during the week with the support of some real political heavyweights, including David Cameron and Barack Obama.

This year’s theme is ‘Take a Step Forward’ and to this end, there are many events taking place encouraging entrepreneurs to do just that – either to make the jump to self-employment, to seek out new opportunities or to think a few degrees bigger in business terms. Inspired by this, I’d like to extend the challenge to you – how could you take a step forward in your business from this week? Here are some dares – which will you take on?

• Go to one of the GEW events (find them on or get virtually involved in the conversation by following #GEWfwd on Twitter.

• If you’ve always wanted to have your own business but not done it yet, set a date for its launch, write it in your diary and announce it to your friends and contacts. There’s nothing more focussing than a deadline people know about.

• If you’re already in business, try something new – go networking, sign up for a new social media platform, or send out a press release. If you’ve not done it before, try it now.

• Know where you want to be with your business but need some help getting there? Hire a coach or ask a business person you admire to mentor you.

• Team up with another entrepreneur whose work complements yours, and consider a joint venture.

• Take on an assistant to get your admin done so that you can be doing what you do best more of the time.

• If you’re employed and happy, think about ways that the business you work for could take a step forward, and approach your management team with your ideas.

Who knows where that one step will lead? Let me know how you get on at or tweet me @coachbythecoast – and include #GEWfwd in your message.