COLUMNIST: Sharing the business love on Valentine’s Day

THIS Valentine’s Day, why not show your business how much you care?

Here are eight ways to spread the love this February. Can you think of any more?

n Give each of your employees or colleagues a little card with something you appreciate about them written on it. Flowers and chocolates around the workplace will never go amiss either.

n Get in touch with some of your past clients – send them a handwritten postcard or a note by snailmail asking how they’re getting on. No selling anything. No special offers. Just make a connection and see what happens.

n Find a local business you trust whose services are complementary to yours and promote each other.

n You can’t buy your business a gorgeous new outfit, but maybe you could invest in a gorgeous new logo, brochure design or website look instead. Try

n Meet up for a drink with your competitors. Seriously. This town IS big enough for all of you, and with a bit of friendly cooperation, you can sensitively time your special offers, work out where your target audiences overlap and where they are different, and potentially work together on bigger projects. Less second-guessing and worrying; more goodwill and collaboration. Think of the relief that will be!

n Take your business out somewhere new. Go to a different networking group or advertise in a magazine or part of town that you haven’t tried before. My Worthing MNC branch is having a fun Valentine’s meeting on Friday at the Thomas A Becket – dare you come? Visit the website

n Find other local business whose services you have used and give them good feedback or a five star review on their social media pages, commenting as your page – a win-win profile raiser.

n Give your business some space. Just like in a romantic partnership, you and your business need space from each other every so often to keep the magic happening. Even (especially) if you work from home, have a reasonable shut-off time, and take weekends or holidays to recharge your batteries, otherwise you – and your business – will burn out.

How will you show your business some love this Valentine’s Day? Come and let me know at

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Claire Bradford