TIM LOUGHTON: Spectacular weekend of royal celebrations

Everything seems a bit of an anti-climax this week after such a spectacular weekend '“ a new Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a new mayor of Worthing, a new youth mayor of Worthing and a new way of ritually embarrassing the local MP!

Thursday, 24th May 2018, 11:07 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:46 am
Tim Loughton

Having missed most of the ceremony myself due to our regular street surgery I caught up on all the wedding celebrations at the Broadwater Royal Garden Party brilliantly organised by Vicky Vaughan, Ann Barlow and their team at the Broadwater C of E School.

The announcement about the restoration of the title of Duke of Sussex after 175 years sparked extra interest from the media and Sky TV was there to record Worthing’s best belly dancers, loudest town crier and worst ‘celebrity’ contestants in a special version of Mr & Mrs. The fact that my wife and I came a poor last after the mayor and mayoress is clearly testament to the fact that I am working so hard on behalf of my constituents that I don’t get home much! Proof if ever you needed it.

The Mayor Making the day before is always a fun event and I am sure that new mayor Paul Baker and mayoress Sandra will make our town proud over the coming year.

But they will have a tough act to follow with England’s youngest mayor Alex Harman handing over the red robes and chain of office at the tender age of 24.

Welcome also to Worthing’s 14th youth mayor Katie Waters who, in a long tradition of Worthing’s excellent youth mayors, made a feisty speech to the packed council chamber after receiving her badge of office.

I recorded a short podcast with the outgoing mayor and incoming youth mayor about the importance of the voice of young people and challenged the uninitiated to guess which one was which! You can see it on my Facebook page.

Earlier in the day I met the new manager at Shoreham Airport as well as the owners to check how things are going after concerns were raised by the recent loss of an air traffic controller, which is more down to an international shortage rather than any particular problems at Shoreham.

I am glad to report that a replacement has been found and is being trained up, and demand for aircraft accommodation is strong. The last thing I want to see is the UK’s oldest commercial airport being run down and developed and I am sure most people would agree with that.

My podcast on the IKEA demonstration has also triggered a lively debate with more than 12,000 views so far and an awful lot of comment in favour and against.

If only more of the population was as engaged in all the significant planning proposals going on in the district.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please write to me at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or email me at [email protected]


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