VOLUNTEER COLUMN: Lend a hand and support your community

Hundreds of people volunteer every day, and they make a massive difference to the local community and the people within it.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 10:03 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:25 am
For more about Volunteer Now! on their website - www.do-it.org

Could you help to make a difference? Check out the roles below and find more at www.do-it.org.


Honorary secretary – Littlehampton Civic Society

Littlehampton Civic Society watches plans and makes representations on residents’ behalf on many local issues, especially when people feel their councils have lost sight of their expectations – or have let them down.

The role of the honorary secretary is to support the chairman in ensuring the smooth functioning of the executive committee and in the day-to-day administration of the society on behalf of its members.

Tasks will include: planning dates and arranging venues for meetings, agreeing agendas with the chairman and circulating them, taking and circulating minutes at each meeting, organising the annual nomination of officers and executive committee members to be voted on at the annual general meeting and dealing with correspondence.


Animal helpline volunteer – Wadars

Wadars works towards the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, and the rescue and re-homing of domestic animals.

They often receive more than 50 calls a day from members of the public reporting animals in need of rescue or assistance and they require volunteers to help man the switchboard each day and also to greet visitors.

You will be the first point of call for visitors to the centre and answering the phone to a whole range of different people and gathering as much information as possible.

You may also be asked to carry out some administration tasks to assist the office administrator.


‘A grand day out’ to keep company with a resident – Leonard Cheshire Disability

Leonard Cheshire Disability provides services in support of disabled people in the widest context: care at home, supported living, domiciliary support, day services, rehabilitation and respite care.

One of the residents at St Bridget’s would like someone to keep him company to watch films, especially Wallace and Gromit, or to play games such as dominoes. Trips to the sea/village would also be welcome or the cinema – some ‘grand days out’!

The resident understands French so a French speaker would be welcome and assistance to use the computer is also needed.

This resident has been seeking someone to assist him for some time and thus anyone fulfilling this role would hopefully have a great satisfaction in meeting this opportunity.


Swimming pool helpers – Arun Dolphins Swimming Club for the Disabled

Arun Dolphins Swimming Club for the Disabled provides a safe and happy environment for people with disabilities of all ages by helping them to enjoy the benefits that the water can bring.

They meet every Wednesday at Littlehampton Swimming Pool at 6.30pm for one hour.

Volunteers can be pool helpers who assist and encourage members in the water. They also need people trained in pool safety who give help if needed.

Dolphins pay for the training which is carried out at the pool, normally on a Sunday.

For more information on the above roles, or to find out what other opportunities are available, please visit www.do-it.org, call Volunteer Now! on 01243 864220 or email: [email protected]


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