Worthing needs more sunny weather: One Thing or a Mother

There’s nothing like a run of hot and sunny weather to put a big smile on my face.

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 4:48 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 4:57 pm

I absolutely love this time of year – there is just so much to do, and the world looks lush and beautiful, with flowers and plants in full bloom (I must be getting old, because I can’t tell you how excited I am by the rose bush in our back garden that has at least 50 rose heads on it).

In the past few weeks, we’ve enjoyed picnics, barbecues, time on the beach, walks in the countryside, meals out, days out and more.

And this weekend was no exception. We had more fun planned, because we had visitors coming down.

The view is always fab at Cissbury Ring. It's one of Worthing's best features.

We haven’t seen my husband’s nan and uncle in almost a year thanks to Covid, so we were very excited they were finally able to make the journey down from Wales to see us two weekends ago.

They were here for three nights, staying in a hotel (The Comfort Inn at Crossbush, near Arundel, in case you wondered. They said they’d recommend it – really friendly staff and clean rooms).

After some yummy fish and chips from the Broadwater Fryer on Friday night, we took them into Worthing town centre on Saturday.

We had a table booked at The Fat Greek, in Portland Road. We’d taken them there last time they were in town, and they’d loved it, so had high expectations.

The roses in Katherine's garden in Worthing. Before the rain this week they looked so pretty.

The food didn’t disappoint, and we enjoyed sitting by the window with the summer breeze blowing in (albeit with not much of a view at the moment, as works to pedestrianise the road had started).

We walked down to the seafront, had a stroll on the pier (plus a soft-serve ice cream we probably didn’t need after such a huge lunch!) and just generally enjoyed people being able to be outside enjoying themselves on a lovely summer’s day.

On Sunday, we headed to Findon Garden Centre, for a late breakfast and a browse. I haven’t been to the café since the business was taken over as an independent, family-run venture, and I was happy to see it had been updated inside.

As it was so warm, we opted for a table outside, and we were happy to get one in the shade with a lovely big parasol (gah, is this another sign of my ever-advancing years ?! No more sun-worshipping for me. A sensible table in the shade at a garden centre is the kind of high-rolling life I like to lead).

It was so lovely sitting out there, I could happily have stayed all day, ordering all sorts of yummy food and drink.

But I have children, so what I actually did was sit down for no more than 90 seconds at a time, getting up repeatedly to order them drinks, chase them after they ran off when I tried to apply sun cream, remove them from the soft play area we hadn’t paid for, order them food, go to look at the water feature with my son at least 17 times, go to look at the animals in the pet shop, persuade them we didn’t need to buy 18 new toys from the children’s section, etc., etc.

But it was still nice to be out with family, and the breakfast was really tasty. We’ll be back to terrorise the staff and customers again soon, I’m sure!

In the afternoon, we ventured up to the top of Cissbury Ring again, and despite the fantastic weather, it was really quiet.

I later learned it was probably because there’s some kind of big, boring football tournament on at the moment (please don’t hate me, football fans), so everybody else was probably inside, shouting at their TV. Can’t wait to see what next weekend brings – even if the weather might not be quite as good.

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