Concern over anti-social behaviour at Worthing homeless hub

Problems related to parking, speeding and anti-social behaviour at Worthing Churches Homeless Projects' temporary accommodation hub in Lyndhurst Road dominated proceedings at the Town Central Neighbourhood Police Meeting at the Ardington Hotel on Thursday evening.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 12:41 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 12:44 pm

Sergeant Craig Burgess reported an increase in violence seen due to the hot weather and the effects of the World Cup, and an upsurge in bicycle appropriation or theft – this commonly resulted from bicycles being left outside shops without being secured, and Sergeant Burgess recommended the use of a good D-lock.

More drug dealing had been reported in the town centre and Sergeant Burgess said, in cases where this was suspected, the 999 number should be used when calling the police – the 101 number is appropriate when reporting instances of street drinking. However, the response time when using the 101 number remained subject to heavy criticism and Sergeant Burgess acknowledged that the situation when it came to dealing with 101 calls was chaotic. It was also reported that staff at the police station had been less than helpful.

Residents in Lyndhurst Road raised concerns over the Worthing Churches Homeless Projects’ temporary accommodation hub. People had been taking alcohol and drugs to the shelter and had even been seen dealing in drugs from there. Worthing Churches Homeless Projects was heavily criticised for allowing this to happen, but is taking steps to rectify matters.

Drug dealing has been reported at the hub, as well as in Worthng town centre

Aggressive begging was reported with people seen begging from customers at Chipwick for money to buy alcohol.

Parking problems in Meadow Road and Dale Road had resurfaced and speeding was reported in Church Walk and Brighton Road. Councillor Roger Oakley reiterated the need for residents to back up complaints with evidence.

The East Worthing Neighbourhood Panel will meet on Tuesday at the East Worthing Community Centre, in Pages Lane, at 6.30pm.

• For more information about the Worthing & Adur Neighbourhood Watch Associations click here.

Tim Drew



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