Find out how you can help teams at Worthing Fire Station open day

Saturday is Worthing Fire Station open day and Worthing Neighbourhood Watch, together with its community action teams '“ the West Downs Neighbourhood Watch Task Force and Worthing Community Speedwatch '“ will be present in the field behind the fire station in Ardsheal Road between 10am and 4pm.

Thursday, 19th July 2018, 6:00 am

As usual, we will be offering cycle marking services free of charge but conditional on production of ID, such as a driving licence.

Volunteers to help at our stand will be welcome, as indeed will be anyone interested in joining the task force or community speedwatch team.

The importance of task force has certainly been in evidence of late, having officiated last month at the Worthing 10k, the Children’s Parade and the 5k Race for Life.

Tim Drew

It began July by stewarding the Night to Remember midnight walk in aid of St Barnabas House, with its latest appearance being at the Wiston Steam Rally.

In what were intensely hot conditions, task force members parked thousands of cars over what proved a very popular weekend event.

All those participating were tired at the end of each of the days that we were there, but no complaints were recorded – and, in thanking us for our services, the chairman of the Sussex Steam Engine Club Graham Chaffer told us that, but for them, the event could not have taken place.

So we had done a worthwhile job – but we do need more volunteers to ensure that we can continue to do it.

Worthing Fire Station open day is on Saturday, and Neighbourhood Watch will be there hoping to recruit some new volunteers. Photo by Eddie Mitchell

The task force was originally organised as a search team and its core membership is well experienced in searching for missing persons.

Late last Friday night we were informed that a girl had gone missing in Pulborough and were put on standby.

Fortunately she was found safe and well, and our services were not needed.

Please do come along to the open day on Saturday – we look forward to welcoming you.

• For more information about the Worthing & Adur Neighbourhood Watch Associations click here.



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