Housing avalanche

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SO the West Durrington consortium has surfaced once more, as we suspected it would, touting new plans to trash fields near Titnore Lane with an avalanche of houses.

We need to remember that last March, this outfit evidently thought so little of its plans then that it would not field (pun intended) a single proponent at the public planning meeting.

The planning committee showed exemplary good sense and empathy with the floor of the meeting, and the wider Worthing constituency, by unanimously rejecting the application.

Of course, things have changed since last March and not in favour of the developers.

A government that favoured top-down, target-led imposition of development on communities (Prescott’s Stalinist house-building targets for county councils) has been replaced.

Perhaps this news has not yet filtered through to the consortium.

Worthing has suffered grievously for half a century at the hands of planners and developers alike and it is time now for the green-belt land in question – a small, remaining fraction of Worthing’s rural heritage – to be given unqualified protection.

The borough council really ought not to need encouragement to revise its local plan; but it probably will need it.

So, write to council leader Paul Yallop, urging the scrapping of policy H4 (The West Durrington Development Policy) in its entirety, and designation of the fields as green belt, off limits to developers in perpetuity.

C. C. Knappitt

Cleveland Road