I am really looking forward to Autumn

Autumn is nearly here
Autumn is nearly here

WHAT A great first few days at school!

I got to sit next to my friends Zoe the zebra and Woody the weasel in class.

We have been having so much fun sitting together.

Everyone has new bags and pencil cases and it has been great showing off the new stuff I bought with mum and dad.

I still like my blue bag the best though.

We were all starting to feel sad that summer time was nearly over but we’ve been learning about autumn and now we’re really excited!

Have you noticed how the trees are changing from green to orange?

Soon they will start dropping conkers and my friends and I will be collecting them so we can all play together. Are you going to play conkers with your friends?

The leaves will start falling soon too. I love kicking through the leaves with my friend Lizzie the lizard on the way to school.

Everyone has been playing lots of games at break time, like racing to see who is the fastest.

I have won a lot of the races, but my friend Holly the horse is really fast too so we enjoy trying to beat each other.

I have been doing lots of painting at school. It’s my favourite thing to do because I can be really creative and make a mess and I have something to take home at the end of the day.

My teacher says my paintings are really good so we put some of them up on the wall for everyone to see.

I took one home and my mum was so proud she put it up on the wall, too!

If you’re not painting at school, try it at home, it’s so much fun!

Until next week, chip chip for now!