I loved cheering on my favourite runner Mo Farah

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I’ve loved watching atheletics on TV this summer

I was cheering with all my friends when Mo Farah, my favourite runner, won a gold medal for running 5,000 metres in the European championships.

A few weeks ago my friends Holly the horse, Woody the weasel, James the Jaguar, Zoe the zebra and I, went with my parents to see the Commonwealth games.

We love playing table tennis at the weekends, so we were all really excited to see it played professionally.

It was Singapore vs England, although I think Singapore were a bit better at it than we were.

We got to see the judo, too. I have just got my first blue stripe at my after-school club with my friend Lizzie the lizard. We think it is cool to have our own tournaments and we always start by 
practising our judo roll.

For my homework for 
over the holidays, I had to write down three facts 
about our favourite sports event. My favourite is the Commonwealth Games.

I used the internet to get my information. I learnt that the games were for the countries in the British Empire. They brought all the countries together to make them feel like a team.

I found out that the 
Commonwealth Games happen only every four years and they are held in a 
different place each time, a bit like the Olympics are.

I can’t wait for my 
next trip!

Until then, chip chip for now!