SO, the town centre’s publicans had to contend with a marauding band of Portsmouth supporters on Saturday evening.

I certainly wouldn’t use this column to openly criticise our local force, they do a very difficult job, but in my opinion, with the apparent limited local police resources we have, they might have been used to better effect.

Clearly, a strategy was in place, because at the game, there was an announcement to say the Portsmouth supporters’ train would be leaving Preston Park at 5.33pm, with the first stop at Barnham.

Obviously, a number of away fans ignored this request and boarded local trains, and there were initial reports of an incident at Lancing when they got off before they got back on another train.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but when they got back on at Lancing, what was to stop our local police being on the platform at Worthing central, perhaps with a dog unit or two, and just not let them get off the train?

There are only two exits off the south platform, so cover them both and send out a loud and clear message that these people would be better off “enjoying” their Saturday night somewhere in Hampshire.

New hospice

With the upcoming opening of the new St Barnabas at Titnore Lane, the Columbia Drive site will now be developed and with it will come some new street names.

Should the town take the opportunity to name them after past, or even present, local people who have done a lot for the town?

After having missed out, again, in the honours list, should the town give Laurie Claydon some kind of accolade, as he so richly deserves?

Dr Francis Gusterson, the founding father of the hospice in 1973, must surely be one of the main candidates for recognition?

Or, along the lines of Glyn Owen, Rose Wilmot and Sidney Walter, should we remember the contribution of the likes of Stan Moore, Connie Scott, Ron Clapp and Stanley Elliott?

Perhaps the developers could run some kind of vote in order to get road names that actually have some relevance to Worthing?


And, finally, there is a periodical BBC TV trailer which tells us “EastEnders, everybody is talking about it”.

The bottom line is that’s exactly what they’ve done, whether you agree with the current plot line or not, and for my part I don’t.

It’s a very serious subject and, in my opinion, certainly shouldn’t have been portrayed in this way.

At the end of it all, it seems EastEnders has well and truly put Corrie into second place when it comes to column inches and TV news coverage.

Ultimately, have the all-important ratings suffered?