IAN HART A great bunch at Worthing Round Table

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AS weekends go, they probably don’t get any better.

The Albion won in the FA Cup, the commander-in-chief produced a top-quality Sunday roast and it all started with a great night out on Friday.

I was invited to the Worthing Round Table’s annual presidents night at the Ardington by table president Alan Steele.

The hotel catering team, as always, didn’t disappoint, and, thankfully, the gentleman who was taken ill during my after-dinner speech didn’t have to go to hospital.

The Worthing Round Table, the 27th club to be formed in this country, will celebrate its 80th anniversary in two years, and has been an integral part of the fabric of our town during that time.

Without wishing to embarrass him, Alan Steele epitomises everything about the organisation.

A genuine all-round good egg, born and bred in Worthing and a man I would personally like to see standing for the council in the very near future, as he could so much for Worthing while in office.

Thanks again for a great night.

Unlike the Daily Mail to go overboard with a hysterical headline . . .

As a result of sending old clothes abroad, the Salvation Army has received in the last three years more than £16.3million, which it has used for its good causes, and the firm responsible for the collections and shipping abroad, Kettering Textiles, has received £10million.

Clearly, with the release of such figures, there was bound to be some kind of furore, but that should be quelled by reading the quote from the Salvation Army.

Lt Colonel David Hinton said: “In the last three years alone, this has resulted in a donation in excess of £16million, money which we would have not otherwise received from a national recycling or shop operation.”

These are clothes that in most cases people would have otherwise thrown away. The fact Kettering Textiles can generate income from these garments is clearly beneficial to all the parties.

Without the process, the Salvation Army clearly states it would not have got that money, so rather than moaning, why can’t the Daily Mail just think of all of the good work, some of it by our own Worthing Corps, which has been done by getting it?

I’m sure, like many charities, the Daily Mail would have admin costs as well?

And, finally, many thanks to the “kind” person who ran a key across the side of my car in Cissbury Road.

I can only imagine how much thought and effort goes into getting a key out of a pocket and running it along the paintwork of a car.

With people of your calibre living in this town, we have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.