IAN HART: BBC hypocrisy is wearing a little thin

Ian Hart
Ian Hart

Clearly, by its very nature, news is there to be reported by all the various media outlets, and there will always be organisations that will sensationalise.

The BBC is the national broadcaster, funded by the public purse.

It is steeped in tradition, with a plethora of legendary broadcasters having reported the news over the decades.

However, while reporting styles will obviously change over the years, the BBC surely has a duty to uphold its traditions?

Yet the latest scandal surrounding Oxfam, in my view, has seen the BBC, through its output, almost rubbing its hands and gloating while sensationalising coverage to a degree.

The claims are simply terrible, but that doesn’t stop it being a great organisation which continues to do great work helping people in desperate situations.

It’s not that long ago that Jimmy Savile was making headlines for his appalling behaviour, and the suggestion his crimes had been ‘overlooked’ by certain figures.

Yet all conveniently forgotten when pursuing this week’s witch hunt against Oxfam.

The BBC news output was once the envy of the rest of the broadcasting world – and it should still be, giving its continued public funding.

Hopefully, the tabloid TV fad will be replaced with a more traditional style and normal service will resume soon.


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