IAN HART: Could overwhelming success of festival lead to more musicians descending upon Shoreham?

Judging by the initial reports and the general feedback I’ve got from everyone I know who attended, it’s clear that last weekend’s Wild Life Festival in Shoreham was an overwhelming success.

That will no doubt stick in the throat of the small number of NIMBYs who used the letters page of this newspaper to express their opposition to the plans, and no doubt they will be having another moan as the dates for next year’s event have already been announced.

Whilst not being negative I did know a couple of people who, right from the outset, thought that plans for the event were somewhat over ambitious, and the pulling out of one of the headline acts, Sam Smith, no doubt at the time added fuel to the fire

To their credit they both have conceded that they got it wrong.

Obviously for a fledgling event, there was always going to be some teething troubles, and the transport issue – the amount of traffic on the roads at the optimum time – was always going to be one of the major drawbacks.

Perhaps next year the organisers will look at providing camping facilities for festival goers near the site, which might possibly alleviate some of the traffic problems?

But the bottom line is the sun thankfully shone on both days, and a great time was had by all, and it was a massive shot in the arm to the local economy, with the knock on effect in hotels, bars and restaurants from Friday onwards.

You could tell it was busy by the very fact that you had to wait an hour to get a taxi anywhere, from 10.30pm onwards on Saturday night!

But beyond next year’s event already being planned, it proves that we now, locally, have a venue, other than the Amex and the cricket ground at Hove, which has the related infrastructure to stage a major music event.

Hopefully a fact that won’t go unnoticed when major artists are putting together large tours.

Could we yet end up with someone of the ilk of The Rolling Stones or the Eagles at Shoreham airport?

After the success of the weekend perhaps not as far-fetched as it sounds...