Ian Hart Did we put up a good fight to keep bowls event?

Very disappointed to read Worthing has possibly lost the National Bowls Championships to Leamington Spa.

Disappointed on a number of levels, not just the fact that what losing this landmark event will do to the local economy, but also because the council had warning of this impending decision.

At the time I was told by councillors and sources close to Bowls England that all was required was bit more TLC on the part of the council towards the bowls people and the event would be again secured for the foreseeable future.

Within the last year when this issue surfaced, I said in this column it was again time to use the talents of councillor Paul High who had previously worked well with bowls authorities and had, in fact, secured the championships the last time we thought we might lose them.

Has Paul High had any part in the supposed “fight” to keep the event in Worthing?

Answers on a postcard please. (Perhaps one of the ones that say “Greetings from Sunny Worthing” and has bowlers on it).

In 2012, we’ve had many things that will live long in the memory, the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympics, The Ryder Cup and Andy Murray, but we’ve also had incidents that now find me changing my opinion on one of the most emotive issues this country has.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s I saw a number of cases which turned out to be miscarriages of justice and resulted in innocent people eventually being released from prison after long periods locked up.

In almost all of the cases, had the death penalty still existed we would have hanged innocent people. Perhaps age and recent horrendous events have made me change my mind to a degree.

If you kill a police officer, a child or anyone else for that matter in cold blood and it is beyond all reasonable doubt, then I now firmly believe the murderer should pay for that crime with their life. Detractors might talk about turning the other cheek and barbaric actions but it reaches a point when even the most devout person can clearly see that enough is enough.