IAN HART Hygiene, old boots and a playground

I’VE never been a big one for council-related websites, but if you’re thinking of going out to eat, a visit to the Worthing Borough Council site might be an idea.

The website has results of a recent hygiene inspections of all of the borough’s catering establishments.

If you don’t make it on to the internet before going out, most of the places with high marks will obviously display the results. If there’s no display of a score, it’s probably best to ask before ordering!

Without wishing to appear biased, thankfully all of my favourite local restaurants and pubs, received high marks, but looking at the other end of the scale, a number of places received low marks including one restaurant which received 0 out of 5.

Wherever you eat, as nice as front of house may look, none of us really know what goes on behind the scenes, clearly this scheme will make everyone adhere to a minimum, but ultimately adequate, standard.

Ironically, one of the restaurants that received a low mark, is one of those that a number of people have raved about over the years, yet on the two occasions I’ve eaten in there I have been truly underwhelmed.

Clearly I was not alone, and if this policy by the council makes them up their game (although I believe one has been threatened with closure if standards don’t improve), then if I make it back for a third time in the future I might be pleasantly surprised.

n It’s that time of the year when local, young footballers look at replacing their boots along with the football and investing in their club new replica strip.

But rather than clutter cupboard or drawers up at home with old boots and football shirts, why not give them to very deserving cause that will take somewhere where they will really be appreciated?

Worthing charity Link Romania is, in the next few weeks, taking a container out to Romania, they are looking for donations of old football boots, training shoes, children’s shoes and replica football shirts which the young people of that country will really appreciate.

You can donate your items by taking them to one of the charity’s local shops, either at Broadwater Street West or Goring Road.

n And finally, far be it from me to criticse anything thats adds to the town, but on Sunday morning whilst on my way to drop a card and gift into my old Dad, I drove past our “state-of-the-art” playground on West Parade.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an impressive piece of kit, which had a number of children already playing on it at an early hour, but just think had it been built in the centre, perhaps near Splash Point or the Lido site, how much more it would have added to the local economy.