IAN HART: Is there a danger feminism could get hijacked?

Ian Hart
Ian Hart

Regardless of what ‘feminism’ may mean to some, every right-thinking person in this country wants to see all women, whatever race, colour or creed, treated equally with men, in all walks of life.

Boudica, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher – possibly the greatest Prime Minister this country has produced in modern times – and the list goes on.

Women have always been an essential part of our nation and will always be so.

Yet the cause of the fairer sex is in danger of being hijacked by the politically correctness lobby and could end up doing far more harm than good in this country.

A week or so ago, there was a furore over the President’s Club dinner at the Dorchester Hotel.

The alleged treatment of hostesses at the event and reported behaviour of some attendees is clearly unacceptable.

But in the following days, the great sport of darts became involved in the feminist debate, with the PDC announcing ‘walk-ons’ at big tournaments, where the players are escorted on stage by models, would become a thing of the past.

Apparently it’s ‘un-PC’ now, but what about the girls earning an honest wage in the process?

Clearly issues in our society still need addressing. But are things in danger of getting out of hand?

Could we see political correctness end up causing more problems than it solves?


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