IAN HART: Local elections '“ do not let apathy win the day

Polling day is upon us once again, and the chance for the electorate to decide who governs us locally.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:42 am
Ian Hart

Brexit aside, nationally, the latest political hot potato is the Windrush scandal, which has already claimed a Home Secretary, but I hope when people go to the polling stations today the local issues are more prevalent in their minds when voting.

Putting party politics aside, we are very fortunate in Worthing to have a plethora of local politicians who do it for all the right reasons.

That level of commitment and dedication goes right across the political spectrum, so I do hope that voters vote for individuals, and what they will do for the local population, rather than national parties.

There’s a very good case for having a council chamber made up of independent elected representatives.

It would certainly eliminate any petty political squabbles that sometimes get in the way of progress.

But that’s not going to happen.

Regardless, whatever the colour of the rosette, all the candidates will have worked hard during the campaign and, at the very least, win or lose, deserve a decent turnout on election day.

The traditional low turnout at local elections always amazes me, not only for the fact that in the past people gave up their lives for us to enjoy the democracy we do today, but also that it’s about who runs the town, who spends our council tax and who oversees the continued development and progression of Worthing.

Surely that should be enough to get people to bother to get out and vote?

Hopefully, yes, but if it is another below-par turnout down to apathy, do the people who cannot be bothered to vote relinquish their right to complain down the line when things don’t go the way they want?


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