IAN HART Our own heroine

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THE latest round of honours were bestowed on the great and the good last weekend, and finally it is apparent that the person who did not like Bruce Forsyth has now left the government! But there is no amount of gongs or titles that could do justice to our very own local heroine, 15-year-old Lauren Jones.

Lauren sadly broke her back in an accident in 2009, but with great spirit and determination and with the love and support of her family she took up wheelchair tennis.

The week before last, she entered what were her second national championships and she won three national titles, the junior singles, the women’s doubles and the women’s B division singles. To my mind, her achievements surpass more than just sport, she truly is an inspiration to us all, both young and old.

Clearly, if all goes to plan she will represent the nation at next year’s Paralympics, which given the time frame and the circumstances is a wonderful achievement.

Well done Lauren, this town is very proud of you.

n Tuesday was one of those all-round good days, the sun shone and Worthing had a friendly invasion of London cabs, bringing with them a legion of ex-Servicemen and women on a well-deserved day out.

Great for two reasons, first and foremost recognising and rewarding a group of people that we all owe so much to, but also the very fact that we had visitors coming into Worthing, befitting our status as a seaside town.

n As much as we all want our council to take Worthing forward from within, it’s sometimes good to get an outside perspective on the subject.

I was recently talking to someone in the leisure industry from Brighton and asked him what he would do in Worthing, obviously within the constraints of reality.

Not surprisingly, he re-iterated an idea which has been put forward to me on a number of occasions which would see a 50-metre extension put on the end of the pier and a provision of a static funfair on the lines of what they have on Brighton pier.

He felt a move like that would certainly see a boost in the local economy, he also suggested something quite left field, covering Warwick Street, relocating all non-food and beverage businesses and turning the stretch of road into a collection of bars and restaurants.

Furthermore, the council would also hire street entertainers to work within the complex, almost turning it into a British version, and somewhat smaller, of the Rambles in Barcelona.

Ambitious? Maybe, but not totally out of the question...

n Whoops!

There’s me going last week about notable Worthing mayors, with one glaring omission, so apologies to my good mate Tom Wye, who was not a good Worthing mayor, he was a legendary one!