IAN HART Parking contracts and Rotary Carnival

WORTHING Borough Council, come on down...

A big opportunity is on the horizon in the shape of the negotiations for the new parking contracts in the borough.

For years the Tory administration has said their hands have been tied over parking by the actions of the previous Liberal Democrat council.

Are those restraints about to be cut?

Could the council remove the current contractors and control its own town’s parking?

Rocket science it isn’t, but it does represent the chance for Worthing to move in the right direction and, more importantly, encourage people to come in to the town.

Over to you, Councillor Yallop.

And while you’re about it Paul, any news on the departure of high-ranking council official John Thorpe?

And as he was overseeing both the construction of the new swimming pool and the whole future of the town theatres, has his speedy departure changed anything?

One issue that springs to mind is the ludicrous removal of the legendary Wurlitzer organ from the depths of the Assembly Hall at an astronomical cost of £800,000 to the local council tax payer?

Was this a John Thorpe proposal and if so with his departure would there still be time for a re-think, possibly on the grounds of commonsense rather than anything else?

August Bank Holiday weekend sees the return of the Rotary Carnival procession to its traditional Monday slot.

I don’t think people realise how much work our respective local Rotary clubs put into this event, but I only hope the sun shines brightly and the crowds line the streets and help raise lots of money for a number of worthy causes.

Having read up on it, the first carnival I can recall was that of 1969, when I can remember the procession being led by the white pith helmets of the band of the Royal Marines. After I remember going to the Rotarama at Homefield Park, and coming home with a balloon on a stick depicting one of the characters off the marmalade jar – 42 years later, thank goodness for political correctness, at least none of our current crop of local five year olds will be mentally scarred by a balloon!

While on the subject of my youth, there is movement, in the form of shop fitters, at the old Kentucky Fried Chicken shop in Broadwater Road.

I wonder what gastronomic delights will be on offer on completion?

And finally, congratulations to all Shaun Slater Gould hairdressing in Bath Place who celebrated their 15th anniversary last week. Not only is he a top crimper but he’s a good egg, so here’s to the next 15 years, Shaun.