IAN HART People need to clear up their dog’s mess

AS a dog owner and a former youth football manager, I read with interest that a local pensioner had been convicted of letting his dog foul on the street twice.

The total fines and related costs of £495 bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “spending a penny” but, hopefully, will act a deterrent to other dog owners who seem oblivious to both byelaws and public decency.

I can recall my lads at Worthing United when they were under-7 warming up one Sunday morning at the Manor Ground when this woman appeared with a great Dane, let it off its lead and it promptly made its way on to our pitch and dropped a deposit that the elephants at Chipperfields circus would have been proud off.

When she initially made no attempt to go and pick the mess up, I challenged her, even offering her one of my own “pooh bags” which I had to take to each game, both home and away for obvious reasons, she indignantly replied that she didn’t have to pick it up because the council had men to do that and that’s what her council tax was for.

I felt our negotiations had almost reached an impasse, so went on the front foot, carefully avoiding the dog mess, and informed her that if she didn’t pick it up, I would, but there was a possibility that someone might follow her home, establish where she lived, and at the end of our game, we would think about bringing a dozen or so six-year-old footballers and invite them to go to toilet in her front garden. (Don’t worry, readers this was an idle threat, but she didn’t know that).

Needless to say, she moved very quickly to scoop her poop, and we never saw her on the Manor Ground again. Though no doubt her and her great Dane possibly blighted other green spaces in the town!

Great news on the toy shop front, sources close to one of the town’s premier commercial estate agents inform me that a prominent empty town centre unit is subject of a lease by a large toy chain and that a new store will be opening in Worthing in the very near future.

My thanks to local history buff Tony Malone for taking the time and trouble, as a number of other readers did, to give the low-down on what happened at the Worthing Pop Festival.

It was actually called the Ecclesdon Common Pop Festival and took place from July 24-26, 1970.

It was in a field owned by local farmer Mr Somerset just south of the World’s End/Fox pubs.

Mungo Jerry, having enjoyed a number one smash that year with ‘In the Summertime’, were top of the bill, but does anyone remember any of the other acts over the three days?