IAN HART Police cuts beyond belief

“TOUGH on crime, tough on the causes of crime” – remember that political gem?

It appears it’s not only the colour of the rosette that’s changed in the corridors of power.

The ongoing government cuts could result in Sussex Police losing 500 of its posts, one sixth of its entire force.

Law and order is a big issue in our society, and, through no fault of their own, weighed down by political correctness and a mountain of paperwork, the police have lost their way with a section of the public.

In my opinion, the only way they can regain some of the lost confidence is going back to basics and putting traditional coppers, for whom we all had respect, back on the beat, tackling crime rather than pen-pushing.

Just how they can do this by losing 500 posts almost beggars belief.

Clearly, with the economic mess we find ourselves in, some cuts are necessary, but perhaps they should look at all the waste and freeloaders before axing essential services?

Very sad to see Andy Hearn shutting his Elvis Presley museum and shop in Worthing.

I have to say that, regretfully, having been to the Elvis museum in Las Vegas, while I always intended to visit Andrew’s version, I sadly never got round to it.

Was Worthing ready for such a venture?

Clearly not, which is sad for all concerned. My niece Laura, being a big Elvis fan, said she thought it was very good, and well worth a visit.

But it is indicative of these economic times, that a friend ran a sports memorabilia shop in Brighton, whilst another ventured into a replica football shirt business in the city, and both shops, whilst very interesting places to visit, didn’t last due to poor sales figures and high rent and rates. However, significantly, they both survive as businesses working over the internet.

How long before all our specialist shops and small traders are forced online?

And what can be done to stop this?

And finally, a couple of queries I hope readers will be able to help me with.

After living almost all of my life in this town, last week, I had an appointment at a road I didn’t know existed.

Ivy Place and Elsie Road, which it is linked to, are two private gravel roads, but does anyone know who Ivy and Elsie were?

And I was talking to Dave Walker, whose family owned the Beachcomber pub in New Street for almost a quarter of a century, and Dave was recalling an upmarket burger bar in the Montague precinct, on the corner of Graham Road and right opposite the White Hart Pub.

Dave recalls it had an upstairs dining area, which had a spiral staircase, and that all the relishes were served in little dishes. I have to say I can’t recall this eaterie, which is strange, because I do like my burgers. So, can anyone come up with a name?