IAN HART Red tape and political correctness

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FROM the outset, let’s establish that we have a local travelling community made up of a number of long-standing Worthing families who are good, honest, hard-working people.

I should know as my father-in-law is one of their number.

The travellers who recently inhabited the Rotary sports ground should, in no way, be confused with the aforementioned Worthing citizens.

The events at the Rotary throw up a number of issues on many levels. First and foremost, why does our politically correct nanny state seem to bend over backwards in order to appease these people when clearly they have no intention of playing by our rules?

As soon as they pulled up on the Rotary it was clear what was going to happen, so why should we be surprised about the carnage left behind?

A friend whose house backs on to the Rotary witnessed every morning, while brushing his teeth, a female leaving her caravan, walking a few paces on to the junior football pitch, squatting down, doing the obvious before discarding the tissue and going back to the caravan.

I only hoped she washed her hands when she got back in her trailer?

She wasn’t alone; apparently, I heard there was so much human excrement on one of the junior pitches that environmental health barred any sporting activity on there until further notice.

Just imagine if I left my office at 9.30am every morning, crossed the road and went on to Broadwater Green, dropped my trousers and had a morning constitutional. How long would it be before I was arrested?

Red tape and aforementioned political correctness dictates it takes weeks to get these visitors off council land, only for them to move on to other land nearby and the process begins again.

l I returned from holiday to receive a shock in the mail in a form of a letter from Scadgells informing me of the impending retirement of John Scadgell and the subsequent sale of the business, after a final clearance sale.

Earlier this week, I received a telephone call from John himself, saying it had never been his intention to retire at this point of time.

I consider John a very good friend, he is one of the most genuine people I know and he’s been very supportive to me over the years.

The end of an era whichever way you look at it.