IAN HART Servicemen deserve celebration

IT was nice to see our local Armed Forces weekend event was blessed with pleasant weather and, I believe plans are already afoot for next year’s event.

Before that, we will have the annual Remembrance Sunday service and, given what a number of our local serviceman have done for their country, I would hope the council, despite countless budget cuts, will let this year’s mayor, Ann Barlow, entertain a number of the local ex-service associations in the mayor’s parlour.

No doubt one of many bean counters at the Town Hall will go into apoplexy reading this, but why not act early and get some sponsorship for the reception from local companies?

I’m more than happy to chip in, as I’m sure many other local companies would be.

News that the Albion plan to build their new £15million state-of-the-art training ground and academy at Lancing is certainly a boost for the local area, and, in fact, Lancing’s gain was very nearly Worthing’s.

When Adur and Worthing councils gave the proposal the green light, subject to planning permission, earlier this week, it was revealed that the site was chosen in front of other locations at Hickstead, Sheepcote Valley and Waterhall.

But what wasn’t mentioned was that Tony Bloom, with strong connections with Worthing, through the football club going back years, also looked at the former Norwich Union site on the Warren roundabout.

Thankfully, despite the Albion turning down that idea, the plans put forward by Peter Corrigan and his team at Worthing Sixth Form College to move from Bolsover Road to Norwich Union, make an exciting future for the former insurance offices.

The work our local colleges do in developing a number of our local youngsters into adulthood can never be understated and that’s why the town, including both local authorities, must get behind Peter Corrigan and his exciting and ambitious plans.

And finally, with Glastonbury enjoying another successful year, I wanted to ask readers if anyone has any recollections of when Worthing once had its own pop festival.

I’m not referring to the one about 20 years ago, which saw a very small and ultimately loss-making crowd to Worthing Rugby Club to see Sinatta and Shakin’ Stevens, in fact local legend goes that more people saw Lord Lucan in Angmering village that afternoon.

I’m actually talking about the one that I believe was at the end of the 1960s.

I’ve heard Highdown mentioned over the years, but was this the actual venue?

Does anyone remember it?

And, perhaps, more importantly, which groups and artistes took part?