IAN HART: Was our father and son TV appearance Pointless? You’ll have to wait and see...

Ian Hart
Ian Hart

Harty Junior and I certainly enjoyed the Pointless experience last week, up at the BBC studios in Elstree.

Having applied for the television quiz well over 12 months ago, we thought our application had been ‘filed’ – until we heard from the production team about three months ago.

We were then invited to attend an audition in central London, which clearly went well, as last Tuesday we found ourselves travelling up to Hertfordshire.

For the uninitiated, Pointless is a tea-time quiz show that consistently attracts viewing figures in excess of five million each day, which in ratings terms in this day and age is top drawer.

Series 14 and 15 are currently being filmed back to back – amusingly, in the studio next door to the where the show’s rival, ITVs The Chase, is recorded.

It’s all in the title, as the object is to get as obscure a correct answer, which hasn’t been previously by given by 100 people asked at random, as possible. After an extensive briefing and a signing of contracts – we cannot appear on The Chase for at least 18 months – we were despatched to make-up, quite a mammoth task for a bloke of my age, before making it into the studio.

What followed was an amazing experience, and the production team run a slick, well-organised show. Hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman – at 6ft 7in, possibly the tallest man on TV – immediately put you at ease and what followed was, as previously stated, a truly enjoyable experience.

As things turned out, we made two appearances – and without wanting to give anything away, both of them were memorable for differing reasons... But I would certainly recommend anyone who wanted to go on the show to apply to its maker, Endemol, via its website.

One more thing to add for the broadcast date – remember that it is universally accepted that appearing on-screen results in you looking two-stone heavier than you actually are...