IAN HART We all make mistakes

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THE phrase “You’re never alone with a microphone” will certainly strike a chord for a long time with Sky Sports duo Richard Keys and Andy Gray.

Their apparent “off air” comments about female assistant referee Sian Massey during the coverage of Saturday’s game between Wolves and Liverpool have opened up a huge can of worms.

In my opinion, the whole situation is wrong on a number of levels.

First and foremost, the duo are clearly wrong in their appraisal of Ms Massey’s understanding of the rules of the game.

To have reached the level she has as an official, whatever her gender, she would know the rules of the game inside out, as do almost all of the referees who officiate in all levels of football every weekend.

However, the national witch-hunt that has now ensued against the duo is to my mind equally as wrong.

There is not a person, past or present, male or female, connected with broadcasting, who has not said something either on or off air that they later regretted (and I should know).

What they did was wrong, but a simple personal apology to Ms Massey on Sunday followed by an on-air one by the duo on the Monday night football show should have been enough.

What we have got now is the “PC” brigade having a veritable media banquet, regardless of the fact that it might cost the careers of two quality broadcasters.


So, the Con-Dem coalition has claimed its first local victim with the resignation from the Lib Dem party of local councillor James Doyle over the issue of alleged broken promises.

Thankfully, James will continue to serve his constituents until the Selden seat is up for re-election, but will he be the last of his party to bail out?

And if the opinion polls are right, and the Lib Dem vote implodes next time we go to the ballot box, will the hardworking local party members feel the time would be right to discard the rosette and form the much discussed Worthing Party?

Back in the 1960s and ’70s, the Ratepayers, the Worthing Party of its day, had very strong representation in the council chamber.

Why can’t that happen again

Hard times

Very sad to read in last week’s paper about a number of local businesses ceasing trading.

Its never nice, whatever the aspect of the business, and it was perhaps significant to see that the actions of the NCP wardens got a mention in despatches.

How many more local businesses are they going to help shut?