IAN HART Worthing College, NOTW and Worthing Pop

THE proposed Worthing College move from Bolsover Road to the former Norwich Union offices at The Warren was always going to be a contentious issue in certain quarters.

On one hand, the plans put forward by principal Peter Corrigan are not only a wonderful opportunity for his organisation but the town itself. If, or when, it does happen, the college will end up with facilities more akin to a university.

However, there is already a degree of local opposition, partly in the form of the newly Warren Development Action Group. As, thankfully, we live in a democracy, they are entitled to their opinion, however I would question their fears over traffic congestion as it appears there will be fewer vehicles at the site than there ever was when it was an insurance office.

When there was maximum employment at Norwich Union, the 600-space car park was overflowing, under the new plans, two-thirds of the existing car park will be sold to Barratt Homes for executive housing, leaving 227 spaces.

The WDAG are quoting figures of 170 pupils and 200 staff driving, which even by my limited success at O-level maths is a bit more than the 227 spaces in the plans.

I would be very surprised if Mr Corrigan, with his extensive plans, had made such a glaring oversight on the secondary issue of car parking, have WDAG made a simple mistake, or is this a scare tactic to gain public support?

The best for all concerned would be for the college and WDAG to get round the table and resolve their differences so the project can move forward with support from the local population.

l For 168 years the News of the World was a national institution, and for millions of people, including myself Sunday won’t be quite Sunday without it. In latter years, even on holiday around the globe the NOTW was one of the few British titles available.

We all enjoyed the scandal, gossip and unrivalled sports coverage, however, even I felt the line had been crossed with the news that Milly Dowler’s phone had been hacked.

As is always the way with the invitable closure, hard-working journalists, a couple of whom I know, have lost their jobs, while others higher up the chain appear


Rest assured, morals may be in short supply but business acumen isn’t and I’ll wager within months Mr Murdoch will have a new Sunday title and recent events will be all but consigned to history.

l My thanks to Paul Kilford, Roger Cloake and a number of others who gave more information on the Worthing Pop festival of 1970.

It was actually called the Phun City Festival, and all the groups including chart-topping Mungo Jerry played for free.