A27 rubbish is ‘hugely distressing’

Letter from Alex Adams, Slonk Hill Road, Shoreham.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 4:34 pm
The Shoreham flyover
The Shoreham flyover

I’m writing to raise awareness about the current status of cleaning the hugely distressing amount of roadside rubbish on our section of the A27 from the Shoreham flyover to Southwick Tunnel.

I have seen some recent news articles from the Shoreham Herald about the rubbish on the A27, however Brighton & Hove Council managed to work with Kier and Highways England last week to clear three tonnes of rubbish, but now must wait until May 1 to do another section.

I’m following the A27 Clean Up Campaign closely to get this situation resolved for the longer term as the road cleaning clearly needs to be returned to Highways England and statutory penalties enforced for not maintaining the road.

I understand that like the Brighton section, Highways England is responsible for the road, but not for the cleaning on these sections. This split responsibility appears to make it very hard to get the road closed or allowance for regular rubbish clearance.

The road looks in a terrible state and for locals and visitors alike it’s a total embarrassment arriving into the area. I’ve contacted Adur councillors for any help they can offer to raise awareness and find out when the road is scheduled to be cleaned next.