Brexit: EU officials have been awkward and shown UK a '˜lack of respect'

Since the referendum took place much has been said as to the outcome but Mr Munro's letter is desperation.

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:35 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 3:08 pm

He claims the referendum is flawed but doesn’t state his legal authority and Mr Munro, if you are so convinced, make application to the High Court for judicial review.

I suspect that Their Lordships will require a little more than ‘the referendum was flawed’. And what is the legal basis to revoke Article 50? The UK is a naturally free and independent country and political union with any other country (particularly 27) is against our national interests and has never been sanctioned by the British people.


Mr Munro, you make two points:

1. ‘It needed a 65 per cent majority’. No, it did not, and again what is your legal authority? The referendum of 1975 produced a 65 per cent majority to continue membership of the EEC. Had the 2016 referendum had been similarly worded, Remain would have needed a 65 per cent majority but the Remain vote reduced from 65 per cent in 1975 to 48 per cent in 2016. A reduction of 17 per cent and a massive decline in popularity.

2. ‘The public were ill informed and incapable of making a reasoned choice’. A sweeping statement that lacks authority –and what gives you authority to speak for ‘the public’?

Mr Munro states ‘we knew what remain meant’ – do we? I don’t. Please, Mr Munro write to the Herald and outline how the European Union will look like in five and ten years’ time.

You go on to say ‘but not what the consequences of leaving entailed’. This is where the European Union fails. Article 50 outlines the withdrawal procedure but there is no body of rules and whilst Mr Munro talks of ‘what is best for Europe’, the UK takes a global view as British responsibilities stretch far beyond Europe and the British look as what is best for the world.

After all, we have the British Empire (now known as the Commonwealth) and this involves 53 countries of different cultures, backgrounds, languages, aspirations and standards of living and, Mr Munro, it is NATO which has kept the peace since 1949 and NATO includes countries outside Europe. Although Mr Munro says ‘The 27 are sad to see us go’ but it’s not their decision.

I do not want 27 countries running the UK and that, Mr Munro, is the main reason I voted to leave. But one reason to leave the European Union has arisen since the referendum and that is the role that the European Union has taken in the negotiations.

Since Article 50 was served, the European Union’s officials have shown what awkward and difficult people they are. Chancellor Merkel and President Macron should be ashamed of themselves. There has been a considerable lack of respect to the UK.

Finally, the MP states that the deal presently before Parliament ‘isn’t good enough’ but fails to outline his plan.

Please, Mr Loughton keep your website up to date – the last entry being Wednesday, December 5. But can the MP state his alternative plan?

John Stevens

Corbyn Crescent, Shoreham


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