Clean Brexit would provide the UK with huge opportunities

A huge battle now rages over the future destiny of the UK centering on this week’s vote on Mrs May’s deal in Parliament.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 11:43 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:15 pm

This is only one example of the evidenced tussle between the globalist agenda, a world of open borders, doctrinaire, state-sanctioned multiculturalism and remote government by an external authority, and a vision of the nation state as the best or least worst method of government for human wellbeing.

The EU project is a ‘Tower of Babel’ designed to destroy the nation state and centralise control of our nation from outside our nation.


It gave away its intent in the wording of the plaque at the entrance to the visitors centre of the European Parliament: ‘National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times... The only final remedy for this evil is the federal union of the peoples.’ What an offence to many patriots who love their country.

The UK breaking out of the straightjacket that has been imposed on it over the last 45 years or so is a major threat to the globalist agenda, as a free and independent UK can step into a major leadership role in association with such unions as the Commonwealth unencumbered by the spirit of control that emanates from Brussels.

The UK has loosened the lynchpin which holds the EU together and other nations will probably follow in our footsteps. There is great potential in the creativity, innovation and history of independent spirit that encouraged such things as the fight for liberty, parliamentary democracy and the common law trial by jury system in these islands that can still yet be revived.

The tragedy of the last two years has been the absence of leadership in terms of giving a vision to the British people of the huge opportunities available in a clean Brexit. People could be forgiven for thinking that the establishment saw the vote as a historic mistake whose negative effects should be minimised rather than a glorious opportunity to make a clear course correction.

Prophetic leadership is needed at this moment in the nation’s history when its steps are faltering.

Brexiteers should be honest about a WTO/no deal scenario, that there will be some rough tossing in the short term as we extricate ourselves from the EU, but in the longer term a clean break means the restoration of self government, the ability to be far more nimble in our decision making both in domestic and foreign policy, the opportunity to develop trade ties more in our own interests, and an end to the huge sums of money sent to support the EU political project.

Mark Withers

UKIP councillor, Northbrook, Worthing Borough Council,

Vancouver Road, Durrington



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