Cycling on Worthing promenade

Through your letters page, may I appeal to the beach office and council to do something about speeding cyclists on the promenade?

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 12:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 12:50 pm

I have notice recently that larger bins have been placed along the promenade and it seems to me that this is a missed opportunity to place some sort of signage on the sides (there is enough space) to ask cyclists to slow down – the signs could be the same as the ones outside the lido – just stick them on the sides of the bins. Cyclists need to know pedestrians have priority.

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I wrote to the beach office and councillors last year after I was knocked over by a speeding cyclist and had my elbow broken.

Cycle lane

Councillor Paul Yallop replied in several emails but I have heard no more from him or the beach office and nothing has been done.

The council must take responsibility to provide more information. I wonder how much money a court case would cost (as years before) if someone was knocked over and sued the council, when a few signs on the side of the bins that pedestrians can point at to remind the cyclists that pedestrians have priority would do the trick.

I quote below the response from Paul Yallop to my emails – he says he has tried to get something done but nothing seems to have changed: “I have received a reply from the beach office. Apparently they only have reports of two accidents involving cyclists in the last three years. However, that is still two too many so I will be lobbying for better signs as suggested by your good self and others. It may also be the case that some accidents have not been reported. I suspect they will be reluctant to place free-standing signs at out end of the prom due to potential vandalism if they are not put away overnight. However, I will do my best.

“I agree a review of the signage is now due after several years of operating the shared path. I will do what I can to progress this and am grateful for your positive suggestions. I am wondering if some of the original signs have been removed by vandals. I will let you know how this progresses.

“A few years ago I did encourage the beach office to paint advisory 5mph cycle speed stencils in yellow paint on the promenade (similar to the dog fouling pavement signs we have used around Worthing). These were not well received by cyclists who said it was impossible to go so slowly so the Beach Office allowed them to fade away. Perhaps we can agree a more sensible limit with the cycle forums and try again?”

Every day I see near misses on the prom – it’s all very well having signs by the pier but then cyclists think they can speed all the way to George V after that.

And that is the actual problem – cyclists think it is okay to go fast because there are no signs.

Please can we finally have something done about this to help both cyclists and pedestrians?

Michelle Edwards

Downview Road, Worthing


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