Improvements needed to make Littlehampton town centre safer

Littlehampton Town Council: I am writing to you to ask what, if anything, is being done to improve Littlehampton town centre?

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 9:22 am

Two years ago I moved to Littlehampton as I love it here. However, when people ask what Littlehampton is like, my standard reply is: “It’s lovely, except for the town centre, you don’t want to go there!” Yes, I do love Littlehampton, but I am ashamed of the town centre.

Yesterday, I walked to the station with a friend who was going back to London after spending a glorious weekend with me.

Apart from a few exceptions, the only people about were drunk, abusive people. Although we are both fit and healthy, well-built males, we still felt slightly intimidated by all the people sitting around drinking cans of lager and other alcoholic beverages.

Littlehampton, Sussex Picture : Liz Pearce 250415 LP1501291 SUS-150426-145847008

As we passed through, I nipped into Sainsbury’s. On my way in, I was pushed aside by one such person, making a hasty exit from the store. On entering, the staff said that he had tried to steal something.

I belong to a walking group. We do various walks around the town on a regular basis and always have to avoid the town centre, the little park opposite the council offices and Caffyn’s Field due to the same problem: drunk, abusive people.

Taking friends and family anywhere near these areas is simply embarrassing!

How can anyone really be proud of our town (that has such potential!) when this is what you get? I would expect Littlehampton Town Council to provide a safe environment for its residents, but clearly it is failing in this.

How many of the large population of elderly people are too scared to venture out and make use of the local facilities? And, most of all, why have I never seen any sort of community police presence in the area?

Yes, I do see police on a regular basis, but only when trouble actually kicks off.

Please think about my comments. And please, do something to improve our town centre and make it safe and attractive to local residents and visitors alike.

Donald Nell

Selbourne Road


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