Increase in numbers due to Ferring Bluebird Cafe's expansion plans will make area '˜unusable'

We read with interest your article regarding the planning application to double the capacity of the Bluebird Café on Ferring Beach.

Friday, 5th October 2018, 6:06 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th October 2018, 4:34 am
Bluebird Cafe at Ferring. Pic Steve Robards SR1824897 SUS-180921-165210001

The report seemed a one sided view. There are three principal issues to resist the expansion:

You have completely overlooked the fact that the only access to the Bluebird by car is through a private estate via private roads both funded and maintained by the residents.

There are no pavements and no streetlights. The speed limit has recently been increased to 30mph from 20mph by West Sussex County Council, despite the fact that the national drive is to reduce speed limits in built up areas.

Many drivers exceed the limit and fail to notice the lack of pavements. It is extremely dangerous when walking down Ocean Drive, especially with young children and any traffic increase is unwelcome.

The limited shared car park space is accessed through a single track road between two residences and is bounded by numerous properties.

Exit and entrance will be a constant struggle and particularly hazardous for pedestrians and cyclists.

The walkways around the area leading to the beach, along Patterson’s Walk and the shingle are already heavily soiled by dog faeces and make the beach most unpleasant in the summer months.

It is impossible to sit on the beach for more than a few minutes without being approached by dogs off the lead running free and out of control. Any increase in numbers sponsored by the ‘dog-friendly’ café will make the whole area unusable. It is unfortunate for responsible dog owners but the facts are plain to see. We will be opposing the planning application and canvassing support from our councillors.

David and Chrissie Ruderman

Ocean Drive, Ferring


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