Lancing IKEA plans will mean we have to live with increased traffic, pollution, environmental damage and flooding

The planning meeting where this decision was made was crowded, and the large majority of those present clearly opposed this development.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 5:09 pm
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 5:10 pm

All members of the planning committee had been provided with a booklet detailing exactly why most local residents did not want this development to go ahead.

The job of a councillor is to represent the interests and views of his/her constituents.

New Monks Farm IKEA Lancing meeting

The councillors who supported the proposal acknowledged that most people locally opposed it – and they still supported it.

We will all have to live with massively increased traffic, pollution, environmental damage and an increased likelihood of flooding.

There are already substantial retail job opportunities at Holmbush – we don’t need more of those sort of jobs.

Thank you very much, Tory councillors!

Pattie Horrocks

Broad Reach



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