LETTER: Council is not selling off assets

Last week, Mr Ted Kelly, of Brighton Road, Shoreham, commented on the proposed redevelopment of 7-27 Albion Street in Southwick.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 9:49 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:26 am

Mr Kelly said: “The council should really think about something other than the money that can be made selling off our assets...”

I do not know where Mr Kelly got the impression that Adur was ‘selling off’ anything and it would be a good idea for him to check his sources before making false accusations.

Had he come to the developers exhibition at the Southwick Community Centre on April 6 and 7, he would have been given the correct information but for his edification he may find the following helpful.

Adur is not allowed to borrow funds to build new social housing. The properties in Albion Street are in serious need of renovation but considering their age and current state of repair the cost would be exorbitant. In fact two of the properties have not been used in over three years.

The decision had to be taken as to if the properties were going to be renovated or the whole area redeveloped and Adur had the funds to do neither. It was decided to go into partnership with a developer and to give the whole area a new look.

The result being that the developer would acquire 39 units and Adur would have 14 brand new, fully fitted out one and two-bedroom flats to add to our social housing stock and at no capital cost to Adur. In fact, the new asset will be worth more, in real terms, than the whole of the previous area.

Where Mr Kelly got the information that Adur was ‘selling off our assets’ I can only guess.

It is my intention to continue to add to the social housing stock for the benefit of those waiting to be housed by Adur and if this means going into partnership with other developers then so be it.

CLLR Carson Albury

Executive member 
for customer services,
Adur District Council

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