LETTER: Delighted by TV talent show win

Many will have been delighted that a comedian afflicted by cerebral palsy, known as the Lost Voice Guy, was the winner of Britain's Got Talent.

Thursday, 14th June 2018, 9:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:45 pm

Apart from his incredible sense of humour, he is such an inspiration to the many souls who have communication and mobility problems or are disabled by a wide variety of conditions, not necessarily visible to the able bodied.

Disabilities present in many forms and are not always obvious as we go about our often frenetic daily life and, upon reflection, we can all recall times when we might not have been as kind, patient, thoughtful or considerate as we should have been.

Thank goodness that more of our disabled brothers and sisters of all ages are becoming included in many areas of life previously denied to them, encouraged by the determination shown by those who now attempt what, in the past, was deemed impossible. Their bodies may be deformed, they often have communication or comprehension difficulties and their appearance may be different, but they are souls with humour, feelings, emotions, hopes and personal aspirations to be part of a more inclusive society.

We are constantly reminded that the numbers of elderly folk are rising, and with age comes the problem of reduced mobility coupled with other limitations, not least failing eyesight and possibly dementia.

A moment’s consideration or act of helpfulness can make such a difference to all and I hope that one residents observations might act as a gentle reminder to us all to be just little more aware of each other and patient with others’ limitations.

Barbara Porter

Rectory Road


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