LETTER: Give our sport some support

I'm extremely disappointed to learn that the council have, in their wisdom, decided to charge bowlers for parking in Beach House Park during the two weeks of the annual Unified Bowls Tournament.

Thursday, 25th January 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:18 am

This will undoubtedly mean the end of this prestigious event for Worthing which goes back over 90 years.

There was a time when the council sponsored the entire event, which benefits hotels, guest houses, pubs, shops and restaurants bringing in much needed business to the town.

Regular competitors and their supporters come from all over the country, Greater London, Devonshire, to name but two, and many treat the occasion as a holiday.

It has been suggested that if they want free parking they can use Brooklands – try carrying a bag of bowls that far! Bowls is a very popular sport for all ages. Worthing has become well known for its excellent greens in a seaside setting second to none and should be proud to host such an event and boost the town’s revenue.

We have a dedicated team of organisers who give their time freely enabling them to offer good prize money which partly is why the tournament is such a success.

My father, many years ago, won a gold medal for bowls in the Commonwealth Games and Worthing council honoured him with a magnificent clock. He was very proud, why can’t we all have pride in our town and give bowls the support it deserves?

John Scadgell

President, Worthing Unified Bowls Tournament

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